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FREE Patient-to-Nurse Chat Line

Virtual Patient Care is a free online service where patients can speak with experienced registered nurses and get personalized answers to their questions. 

In this video by Michael Wong, Founder and Executive Director of the Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety explains what prompted the Physician-Patient Alliance and its cardiovascular partners – American Heart Association, AC Forum, Heart Rhythm Society,, Mended Hearts, and Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association – to establish a nursing chat line:

“During the current COVID-19 conditions, patients face the burdens of social distancing and increased difficulty in reaching clinicians busy with emergencies. To meet the pressing needs of patients during this COVID pandemic, the Physician-Patient Alliance, with an unrestricted grant from the BMS-Pfizer Alliance, and our cardiovascular partners recently launched a free virtual patient care website and chat line.”

The most asked question on the chat line, which launched April 23, is “Are cardiovascular patients more at risk of getting COVID-19?”

The chat line is a model of collaboration and innovation, said Mr. Wong – “The Virtual Patient Care initiative … brings together pharmaceuticals, health advocates, medical organizations, and even a PR agency. And, it takes that organizational collaboration and marries it with telehealth to help patients get the answers they may need during this time of social distancing during the COVID pandemic.”

You can find the Virtual Patient Care site by going to

So, how can you help? 

First, make sure you are healthy. If you have a question, go to Virtual Patient Care, and ask our nurses. 

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Keep well and keep safe!

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