Opioid-Induced Respiratory Compromise Can Be Prevented: In Honor of Amanda Abbiehl

To honor the life of Amanda Abbiehl, Pat Iyer and the Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety have re-released this podcast for the five-year anniversary of Amanda’s death. PCA pumps deliver medicine to patients that manages pain. This medicine can lead to respiratory compromise. Respiratory compromise is the second-most frequently occurring preventable patient safety issue and causes higher mortality rates, longer hospital and ICU stays, and millions of healthcare dollars every single year. It is the third most rapidly increasing hospital inpatient cost in the United States … and we can stop it. Approximately 14 million patients use PCA each year and an estimated 600,000 to 2 million adverse events and deaths per year could involve PCA.

For a transcript of the podcast, please see Amanda Abbiehl Podcast Transcript.

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