Procedural Sedation

Position Statement on Procedural Sedation

Although procedural sedation is generally safe, the Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety recommends that all procedural sedation follow at least these five precautions:

  1. Administration of Procedural Sedation Must Be With Trained Personnel, Who SHOULD NOT Also Be Performing the Procedure
  2. Equipment and Supplies Must Be On-Hand in Case of Oversedation and Respiratory Compromise – and Clinicians Need to Practice How to Use Them!
  3. Early Detection of Respiratory Compromise Will Decrease Adverse Events and Patient Deaths
  4. All Patients Undergoing Procedural Sedation Should be Monitored with Capnography
  5. Recovery and Discharge of the Patient Must be Supervised by Trained Anesthesia Providers
Conscious Sedation (image source:
Conscious Sedation (image source: