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A 501c3 nonprofit, PPAHS is an internationally-ranked top-100 patient safety organization (Agilience Authority Index, June 2023). Most of our readers are from North America. However, 10-15% of our website visitors are clinicians and educated patients/families from all around the world. Each month our website receives approximately 15,000 views.

Volunteering at PPAHS

Want to Improve Patient Safety and the Quality of Patient Care?

There are many ways to help advance patient safety and the quality of patient care:

  • Like to write? Write an article for our blog or one of the many healthcare magazines that have published our articles. (See “Write for Us” below.)
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Write for Us

Do not send us business press releases (or requests to publish corporate press releases), general solicitations (e.g., I would like to write for you, what topic should I write about, etc.), or offer to pay us money to post your article – we will not respond.

PPAHS welcomes articles that follow these Ground Rules:

  1. Discuss patient safety or how to improve the continuum of care.
  2. Do not mention or endorse a company or its products.
  3. Do not discuss political issues or legislation.
  4. Are written by a clinician or published healthcare writer.

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Help us defray the costs of our safety and educational initiatives, please donate.