Agilience Authority Ranking (April 2023)

Education, Awareness, and Accreditation to Improve Patient Safety and the Quality of Patient Care

The Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety (PPAHS), a 501c3 nonprofit, is an internationally-ranked top-100 patient safety organization (Agilience, June 2023). PPAHS works to advance patient health and safety by developing and highlighting best practices and recommendations through better use and application of clinical practices and experiences, information technologies and checklists, and healthcare information.

PPAHS improves patient safety and the quality of patient care by:

  • Identifying unmet needs in healthcare and the new innovations (best practices, research, and technologies) that address these patient safety and patient care gaps. 
  • Educating healthcare professionals and patients about the new innovations that address these unmet needs.

We believe that patient safety is healthcare’s ultimate win-win scenario:

  • Patients suffer from fewer adverse events and consequently get better care. 
  • Clinicians and hospitals experience fewer malpractice claims and can devote all of their attention to practicing medicine and providing optimal patient care.

Please read our 10th-annversary report to see what we’ve been up to in our first 10 years.

Education adds value to our healthcare system and plays a critical role in driving awareness, increasing understanding, and affecting change.

PPAHS is an accredited provider of continuing medical education. PPAHS identifies, promotes, educates, and certifies clinicians in best practices that promote patient safety and improve the quality of patient care.  For more about our educational efforts, please visit our Learning Center.


Patient Safety Initiatives

According to a World Health Organization, occurrence of adverse events due to unsafe care is likely one of the 10 leading causes of death and disability in the world. Moreover, in high income countries like the United States, it is estimated that one in every 10 patients is harmed while receiving hospital care. The harm can be caused by a range of adverse events, with nearly 50% of them being preventable.

As defined by the American Board of Preventive Medicine, patient safety is “the prevention of harm to patients.” In a safe ecosystem, emphasis is placed on the system of care delivery that:

  • Prevents errors;
  • Learns from the errors that do occur; and
  • Is built on a culture of safety that involves health care professionals, organizations, and patients.

With the goal of reducing adverse events, PPAHS has been actively involved in the following patient safety issues:

Unrestricted Educational Grant Support

Financial support for this website and PPAHS activities have been provided by individuals and volunteers from the US and around the world, as well as unrestricted educational grants from pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, and medical societies:

acquired by Capsule Technologies
Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS)
BMS and as part of BMS-Pfizer Alliance
(acquired by Becton, Dickinson)
(acquired by Hillrom)
as part of BMS-Pfizer Alliance
Portola Pharmaceuticals
(acquired by Alexion)

Our Cardiovascular Partners

Thank you so much to our cardiovascular partners. With their support, PPAHS was able to help thousands of patients during the COVID pandemic. For more information on this Virtual Patient Care initiative, please click here.

American Heart Association

Cardiovascular Partners

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