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Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety is now an accredited provider of continuing professional development

The Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety is pleased to announce that PPAHS is now an accredited provider of continuing professional development (CPD). 

PPAHS will be providing CPD courses accredited through the CPD Standards Office, a world-leading accreditor. 

CPD/CME credits are required annually to maintain medical licenses for doctors, nurses, and other clinicians. In addition, most hospitals require a specified number of credits for their physicians to remain credentialed to see patients. CPD and CME “help medical professionals maintain and upgrade their knowledge in the chosen medical field and broaden their personal and professional experience after obtaining the postgraduate degree and becoming specialists. Above all, CPD-CME enhances the quality of patient’s care by constantly improving the physician’s skills, broadening the physician’s professional outlook and helping him/her to keep up with the vast amount of scientific information constantly being generated.”

CPD is a broader term than CME covering different educational programs. Internationally there is a move from CME to CPD, and PPAHS’s accreditation as a CPD provider reflects PPAHS’s national and international following.

“The Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety has since its establishment in 2011 been a medical educator through our podcasts, webinars, and conference presentations,” explained Michael Wong, JD (Executive Director, PPAHS). “Being able to provide CPD credits for our activities now means that doctors, nurses, and other clinicians can receive recognition for participating in our educational initiatives.”

PPAHS’s first course offering CPD credits will be “Respiratory Compromise Prevention, Recognition, and Intervention.” Other courses are planned in critical issues to help improve patient safety and care, said Mr. Wong.



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