Help us ensure patients are receiving the care they deserve!                 

None of these patients went home from hospital.

Yet, all had successful surgeries or were waiting to go home …

…. but they never made it. 

patient images           100% of the funds raised go directly towards PPAHS’s efforts: 

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  • Development of informative materials (such as, online brochures, videos, and podcasts) directed towards hospitals and medical personnel 
  • Contribute to expenses incurred in presenting to, and attending state hospital boards and other regulatory bodies to encourage passing of regulations mandating monitoring of patients receiving opioids
  • Administrative support (production of checklists, whitepapers, and other related needs)

As a 501(c)3, donations to PPAHS are tax-deductible. Donate today!


PPAHS is a member of the National Coalition to Promote Continuous Monitoring of Patients on Opioids

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