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None of these patients went home from hospital.

Yet, all had successful surgeries or were waiting to go home …

…. but they never made it. 

patient images           100% of the funds raised go directly towards PPAHS’s efforts: 

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  • Development of informative materials (such as, online brochures, videos, and podcasts) directed towards hospitals and medical personnel 
  • Contribute to expenses incurred in presenting to, and attending state hospital boards and other regulatory bodies to encourage passing of regulations mandating monitoring of patients receiving opioids
  • Administrative support (production of checklists, whitepapers, and other related needs)

As a 501(c)3, donations to PPAHS are tax-deductible. Donate today!


PPAHS is a member of the National Coalition to Promote Continuous Monitoring of Patients on Opioids

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  1. There needs to be more peer reviews regarding radiology assessments. I had multiple biased and inaccurate reviews in Alberta only to learn that I never had sacral insufficiency fractures in Ontario. How can we ensure patient safety with issues likes this? How can clinicians overcome their biasses knowing that the patient continues to suffer or that a specific surgical outcome was unnecessary requiring a “new view” of diagnostic imaging?

    These errors, whether unintentional or not, serve to waste precious finite healthcare resources and there must mechanisms in place to insure patient safety.

  2. I am not a physician of any kind. I am merely a CNA and L1MA. I only have this to say, as a 15 year opioid abuser, I had no idea how fast I would become so dependent on opioids after having surgeries of one kind and another and this was the absolute hardest thing in my life to overcome. If I hadn’t had such a good Dr. And addiction support system I can honestly say I would have never made it to three years sober and counting, I, without a doubt, would have been dead or over dosed by now. Thank God they had a treatment plan in affect that they offered me the medication Suboxone 8/2 and to this day they do month to month follow up care For my opioid addiction. I was never told that taking a 10 mg hydrocodone (bid) would be what ruined my life. In a matter of a very short time. I was so addicted to these pills and how they made me feel I could not go or do anything unless I had one at least to start out and it very quickly became 10 per day or I wouldn’t get out of my bed. To work or do anything for that matter. Definitely warn people and if you have to prescribe such a medication, most definitely keep a super close eye on the patient. It’s not if it’s when and for how long? Just small town. girl from Missouri. Giving you my opinion as a recovering addict. Three years and counting!! #wedorecover#supportteam

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