PPAHS Gets a New Look

Dear readers,

You may have noticed that the Physician-Patient Alliance for Health and Safety (PPAHS) recently changed and updated the look of our website.

We found that, as we grew our library of articles and resources, the old design was cluttered and made it difficult to find key resources directly from the home page.

We improved the layout and design so that you will have better organization for those resources you are looking to review.

At a glance

The Read Blog section in the menu contains regularly published articles on each of our three priority areas with key focus: opioid safety (pain management), DVT, PE, and VTE (venous thromboembolism—blood clots), and alarm management (noise fatigue).

You can likewise access the latest articles from the Recent Posts section on the home page.

The Clinical Tools section contains resources developed for use by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and respiratory therapists in the front line of patient point of care. It contains checklists, recommendations, best practices, and questionnaires that are designed to help caregivers improve patient outcomes and easily downloaded.

The Learn/Share section contains studies, surveys, and expert quotes so that readers may deepen their knowledge about opioid safety, VTE, and alarm safety as well as read what key thought experts are saying.

The About section contains information about PPAHS: our mission, board of advisors, news coverage, expert working groups, and our team, to name a few topics.

The best way to stay on top of our work is to have blog posts delivered straight to your inbox. Use the Subscribe form in the footer of every web page to sign up for email updates. Alternatively, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all of the latest conversation and information.

In the coming weeks we will be conducting a user satisfaction/informational survey of our readers to better understand how you—our supporters—use the information we make available and what you feel is valuable. Stay tuned: we look forward to your survey participation.

If you have any questions or comments about the redesign, please contact Sean Power, Community Manager, at smpower@ppahsorg.wpcomstaging.com.

It takes a team to work together so we can improve patient health and safety. By engaging in health and safety initiatives that significantly impact patient lives, PPAHS hopes to support you—health care professionals, patients, and family members—in working to improve quality of care and eliminate preventable harm and deaths from errors and adverse events.

Thank you for supporting our mission. We certainly support yours.

Warm regards on behalf of the PPAHS team,

Michael Wong
Executive Director, PPAHS


Michael Wong, JD, Executive Director
Sean Power, Community Manager
Briggs Adams, Media Expert
Lynn Razzano, RN, MSN, ONCC, Clinical Nurse Consultant

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