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Why Is The Purchase of Generic

Effective yet safe drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), formerly commonly called impotence, became available to the general public (as well as to rich and famous people) only at the very end of the 20th century, when American scientists synthesized Viagra, the first drug from a number of PDE-5 inhibitors, which had a real effect on potency and didn’t pose a danger to the organism of a man. A little later, in 2002, the drug Cialis was also invented and approved for use in America by FDA. It also belongs to the category of PDE-5 inhibitors, but is suitable for a larger number of men because it contains another active substance (Tadalafil), which is much less likely to provoke serious side effects. In addition, Cialis can be used on a regular basis, and not only on demand (i.e., shortly before sex).

Despite the fact that Cialis is only slightly inferior in popularity to Viagra and is far superior in prevalence to Levitra, which in a sufficiently large number of men causes a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis or difficulty in achieving an orgasm, many consumers are not willing to buy it because of its more than high price. Most men with severe symptoms of erectile dysfunction are forced to resort to taking pills to increase potency not occasionally, but regularly, that at a price of $ 22-26 for one 20 mg pill produced by Eli Lilly seriously damages the patient’s budget.

What can a man do in such a situation? Refuse to take PDE-5 inhibitors in general, because all three drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) cost about the same? Not at all! You don’t have to sacrifice your potency if you opt for the generic Cialis. It will be more accurate to say, on one of the many generic versions of Cialis, because this medicine has a large number of analogues. Namely analogues in the pharmaceutical language are called generics. All of them contain a completely identical main active ingredient Tadalafil and differ only in secondary criteria, such as the shape and size of the tablets. Sometimes generics are also available in additional dosages or other forms of release (e.g., sachets or soft tablets). However, the main difference between Cialis generics and their prototype is a much lower price of generics. Just image, one 20 mg pill can cost $1 or even less!
How is such a big difference in price possible, you ask? After all, the drugs are practically the same. Are the analogs really just of lower quality, and the low price is a simple bait? This is completely wrong. Yes, it happens that Tadalafil generics from little-known small manufacturers are cleared worse than the original or other generics that have proven themselves well, or are less effective and cause more side effects, or don’t work as strong as we would like. Nevertheless, for the most part, Cialis generics are not inferior in quality to the initial medicine. And instead of asking why they are so cheap, it’s wiser to ask why Cialis made by Eli Lilly is so expensive. The answer is simple – it’s a branded med. That says all. It’s expensive because of advertising costs, because of reputation of the pharma company, because of the label “Eli Lilly”. And if you are not seeking to purchase the best-known medicine, but are looking for the most profitable and effective one, nothing prevents you from choosing generic version of Tadalafil. You can also buy cheap generic Viagra in or in a large number of offline pharmacies worldwide without any efforts.


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