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Ten Things Patients Should Know About Opioid Safety

[Editor’s Note: This is from the Empowered Patient “Ten Things Patients Should Know Series”. Lenore Alexander is a member of the board of advisors for the Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety. Since the tragic death of her daughter Leah, Lenore has been a passionate advocate for continuous electronic monitoring of all patients receiving opioids and opioid safety and, to help avoid adverse events and death while in hospital, encourages all patients and their families to be knowledgeable about medical treatments and care they will be receiving.] Read More

Opioid Safety, Respiratory Compromise

Should all patients after surgery be continuous electronic monitored?

by Michael Wong

Do you think that all patients after surgery should be monitored?

In the recent survey on ASA Standards and APSF Recommendations, 90% said “YES” (agreed) that “continuous electronic monitoring of oxygenation and ventilation should be available and considered for all patients”. This monitoring “would reduce the likelihood of unrecognized clinically significant opioid-induced depression of ventilation in the postoperative period.” Read More