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Preventing Much More Than Just the Flu

This article discusses why preventing the flu is not just good for the individual, but also for the community – there are public health implications on preventing the flu.

By Jennifer Dawson

Americans are not doing everything possible when it comes to preventative health care. According to the CDC, over half of all Americans avoid doctors and dentists on a regular basis, which is raising the cost of health care for everyone. Further, the absence of preventative health care is causing diseases such as diabetes, to rise unnecessarily. While it may seem that Americans might be substituting medical care for natural remedies, this is also not the truth. When we participate in regular health care visits, as well as organic care, we help build healthier communities and prevent a hike in national health care costs. We must stop using emergency rooms for primary health care, and we must maintain a working relationship with a regular doctor. We must also maintain self care through organic means between visits.

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Effective Hip Injury Management

With the right medical care, exercise and nutrition, patients can confidently mitigate the impact of a hip injury.

By Jennifer Dawson

Hip injuries are a cause for serious concern in all age ranges, but especially adolescents and the elderly. An unattended injury can cause growth impediments or restrict mobility. Scientific studies by JCCA even found that the effects of a hip fracture can create obfuscating symptoms having potential secondary effects. With the population of the USA aging it’s likely to become more important to consider how to prevent and manage hip injury. Doing this intelligently and in a time efficient manner is important, with family caregiving sometimes time consuming. This article will cover how to effectively manage a hip injury.

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