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Children Undergoing Sedation Need Better Monitoring

by Sean Power

Researchers have found that the majority of adverse events that happen during opioid infusions in children occur in patients not being treated by clinicians in acute pain service, according to an article by Michael Vlessides in Anesthesiology News.

According to the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia, many different types of procedures may require a patient who is a child to stay still or may cause them discomfort if no anesthesia is used. For example, procedures such as MRI scans require the child to be completely still to ensure adequate quality of the scans. Read More

Patient Safety Awareness Week 2013
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Patient Safety Awareness Week Roundup: Must-Read Articles from Safety Advocates

by Sean Power

With Patient Safety Awareness Week behind us, we’ve taken a moment to share a few of the best articles or resources. Please let us know if we missed any that you consider must-reads! Read More