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State Trooper’s Life Saved by Nurse: Why Hospitals Need a Monitoring Technological Safety Net

Retired Michigan State Police Officer, Matt Whitman, tells his story of how his life was miraculously saved by a nurse and why hospitals need a monitoring technological safety net to not rely upon miraculous interventions. 

by Matt Whitman (Retired Michigan State Police Officer, Law Enforcement Teacher, Van Buren Technology Center)

Former State Trooper Matt Whitman – “to all hospitals that care about their patients’ safety and welfare — Electronically monitor ALL your patients, not just the ones at high risk.”

Amanda Abbiehl and I share a similar story. Both of us were on patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps to manage our pain.

However, the difference is that, by the grace of God, an observant nurse who just happened to walk by my room when I stopped breathing, called a “Code Blue”, and that ultimately saved my life. I would have been just another statistic if it wasn’t for that nurse. Unfortunately, Amanda was not so lucky. Read More