PPAHS at Harvard Patient Safety Colloquium

Each year, Harvard University hosts one of the leading forums on patient safety, quality enhancement and medical error reduction. This year Michael Wong attended the forum, The Eleventh National Quality Colloquium, to present on our PCA Safety Checklist, which targets use of patient-controlled analgesia (PCA).

The PCA Safety Checklist supports hospitals, management, physicians, and patients in their mission to improve patient safety. The checklist is specifically designed to help reduce errors with PCA pumps.

Focusing on essential steps that increase patient safety for individuals using PCA pumps, the PCA Safety Checklist helps hospital staff achieve better clinical patient safety outcomes. The PCA Safety Checklist can be viewed and downloaded for free by clicking here.

For those unable to attend the Colloquium, we make available the following pdf’s:

Please let us know how you or your organization is improving patient safety.

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