Patient Stories Shared at First Meeting of National Coalition to Promote Continuous Monitoring of Patients on Opioids

The Physician-Patient Alliance for Health and Safety today released the patient stories it shared at the inaugural meeting of the National Coalition to Promote Continuous Monitoring of Patients on Opioids.

“We hope that the adverse events and deaths of patients who have suffered opioid-induced respiratory compromise may serve as inspiration to encourage the adoption of continuous electronic monitoring of all patients receiving opioids,” said Physician-Patient Alliance Executive Director and Founder Michael Wong, JD.

In particular, two moving stories were shared at the inaugural meeting.

Brian Abbiehl, who is on the board of directors for Physician-Patient Alliance, recounted the tragic events leading to the death of his daughter Amanda. Along with his wife Cindy, Brian established A Promise to Amanda Foundation as a tribute to Amanda, and to educate patients and their loved ones about the need for continuous monitoring of patients receiving opioids.

Retired Michigan State Trooper Matt Whitman shared his own experience with opioid-induced respiratory compromise that nearly claimed his life.

For a full copy of all of the stories shared with the meeting’s attendees, please click here.

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