Fixing the Top Ten Technology Hazards That Cause Preventable Injury and Death

ECRI Institute recently released its report, “Top Ten Technology Hazards for 2016” which provides a list of technology hazards that may cause patient injury or death.

ECRI Top Ten Technology Hazards

Although technology is intended to improve patient care, says ECRI, “even the best of technology—if configured, used, or maintained improperly—can lead to problems.”

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Many of the top ten hazards have been on ECRI’s list for several years. For example, Alarm hazards have been on the list since at least 2010 and The Joint Commission has even made alarm management a national patient safety goal in 2014.

The chart below shows the hazard identified by ECRI and the associated remedy recommended by ECRI:

ECRI Top Ten Hazards ChartHow has your healthcare facility been able to overcome these hazards?

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