Top 10 Patient Safety Must Reads – November 2016

We’re saying “hello” to December, and looking back at some of PPAHS’ top posts and tweets in November.

Top Posts

This month, as part of our new campaign targeting VTE in orthopedic patients, PPAHS was invited to become a partner of World Thrombosis Day!  We also provided bittersweet coverage regarding opioid safety, including celebrating St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System’s (SJ/C) 12-years event-free and opioid safety’s place – once again – on ECRI’s Top 10 Health Technology Hazards.

Physician-Patient Alliance Partners with World Thrombosis Day.  PPAHS has been invited to become a partner of World Thrombosis Day, an international multi-organizational campaign devoted to increasing global awareness about thrombosis, including its causes, risk factors, signs/symptoms, evidence-based prevention and treatments.

Physicians on Surgeon General’s Letter on Opioid Epidemic: Survey Results.  We released the results and analysis of a survey of clinicians across the U.S. It gives an important snapshot of perceptions of the Surgeon General’s letter to end the opioid epidemic, as well as suggests some key tools.

12 Years of Event-Free Opioid Use.  A must read/listen.  St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System (SJ/C) celebrated 12 years free from opioid-related adverse events this year; we uncovered some keys to success in an interview with Harold Oglesby, RRT, Manager.

Opioid Safety is again an ECRI Top-10 Health Technology Hazards for 2017.  Unfortunately, despite some amazing successes from hospitals and clinicians across the country, opioid safety has made ECRI’s Top 10 Hazards, again.  It’s our hope that this will be the last year.

Respiratory Therapists Are Integral to Reducing Opioid-Related Adverse Events.  A follow-up to our interview with Harold Oglesby on SJ/C’s success.  In this article, we deep-dive into one of the critical roles for any quality improvement project targeting opioid-induced respiratory depression.

Top Tweets

Our top tweets last month mirrored many of the articles published on PPAHS.  We also featured a powerful article by Pamela Parker BSN, RN, CAPA, in Outpatient Surgery Magazine, and an interesting video clip by CBC on how fentanyl affects the human brain.

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