Patient Safety Weekly Must Reads (February 25, 2017)

This week in #patientsafety, we issued a statement on our position about the need to treat patient ambulation as a key metric. From around the web, ISMP released an updated self assessment for community/ambulatory pharmacy medication safety. We also found figures on opioid-related inpatient stays and emergency department visits by state from 2009-2014, and a dentist’s statement that the industry prescribes opioids “way too quickly”.


Patient Ambulation a Key Metric to Improved Health. PPAHS calls for dialogue at the clinical and governmental levels to identify and codify best practices that will prioritize patient ambulation.

From Around the Web:

ISMP Releases Updated Community/Ambulatory Pharmacy Medication Safety Self Assessment. Community and ambulatory pharmacy settings can now access a newly revised tool that will help them review and improve their medication safety practices.

Opioid-Related Inpatient Stays and Emergency Department Visits by State, 2009-2014. This HCUP Statistical Brief presents data from HCUP Fast Stats on the national rate of opioid-related hospital inpatient stays and emergency department (ED) visits from 2005 to 2014.

Opioids unnecessary for dental work, doc says. The American Dental Association recently reported dentistry is responsible for prescribing 12 percent of all instant-release opioids.

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