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Weekly Must Reads in Patient Safety Dec. 11, 2017

People can make a difference in patient safety and to improve healthcare. No message could be stronger than in the following articles:

Must Read #1 – For a Healthier Nation, Let’s Look to Nurses!

In the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation blog, Paul Kuehnert writes in “For a Healthier Nation, Let’s Look to Nurses!” writes poignantly about the vital role nurses can play in creating healthier communities:

From the time of Florence Nightingale, nurses have applied a holistic approach toward treating patients within the context of their communities. Today, this approach entails promoting and practicing population health. To do so effectively, nurses need supportive educational, policy, research, and workplace environments.

Must Read #2 – Stopping Opioid Addiction At One Key Source: Surgeons!

Surgeons at the University of Michigan’s Michigan Medicine have started battling the nation’s opioid epidemic one pill at a time. According to the Orlando Medical News, in “Stopping Opioid Addiction At One Key Source: The Hospital,” the solution is simple:

It’s a simple enough idea: Surgeons should give patients fewer pills after surgery — the time when many people are first introduced to what can be highly addictive painkillers. They should also talk to patients about the proper use of opioids and the associated risks.

Must Read #3 – How Doctors Can Create a Sustainable Culture of Health

Doctors can create a sustainable culture of health. Joe Bellistri writes in “How Doctors Can Create a Sustainable Culture of Health” that in order to help patients implement consistently healthy strategies, doctors must increase the number of touchpoints with them outside of office visits.

Must Read #4 – Hospital Executives: Pushing Team to Find $25 Million in 10 Days

The former CEO of what was then Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics in Tyler, Texas, called a meeting in February 2015 to come up with a cost-cutting game plan. According to Modern Healthcare in the article “How to find $25 million in 10 days,” he told a group of the system’s leadership that they needed to find a way to $25 million.

Must Read #5 – People Can Make a Difference in Patient Safety and to Improve Healthcare

We are reminded of Leah Coufal, whose death anniversary is today. Would an appropriately trained person have noticed her decline and intervened? Read her tragic story told by her mother who awoke to find her daughter dead-in-bed with her.

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