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Seven Keys to Preventing More Patients from Dying from Dental Sedation

The number of patients – and, particularly, children – dying from dental sedation is indicative that there are gaps in the standard of medical care being used during dental sedation.

In this article by Bradley T. Truax, MD (The Truax Group) and Michael Wong, JD (Founder and Executive Director, Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety), the  authors discuss why dental sedation needs better standards to prevent further patient deaths and provide seven keys.

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Opioid Safety, Respiratory Compromise

Standards for Dental Anesthesia Should Require Patient Monitoring

Five-year old Amber Athwal suffered brain damage after having dental surgery and receiving dental anesthesia to extract some of her teeth. For our earlier post, which provides a summary of the lawsuit , “Capnography Monitoring of Five-Year Old Amber Athwal May Have Prevented Her Brain Damage,” please click here.

Dr. William Mather Tribunal Hearing

CBC News reports that Dr. William Mather, the dentist who performed the dental procedure which resulted in “permanent brain damage because of oxygen deprivation”, faces five counts of unprofessional conduct, and has pleaded guilty to three of the charges. Dr. Mather recently retired from dental practice.

Dr. Mather’s colleague, Dr. Darren Fee recently testified at the tribunal hearing investigating the Amber case:

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Capnography Monitoring of Five-Year Old Amber Athwal May Have Prevented Her Brain Damage

The recent case of five-year old Amber Athwal is a reminder yet again of the dangers of dental sedation without the availability of adequate personnel and patient monitoring. Unfortunately, what happened to Amber is not an isolated event, as other pediatric deaths have recently occurred, tragically with 6 year-old Caleb Sears, as well as 9-year old Solomon Womack, 17-Year Old Mariah Edwards, and 17-year-old girl, Sydney Gallegher. Read More