Opioid Safety, Respiratory Compromise

Top 10 Opioid Safety Articles in 2014

Of the more than 125 articles we posted in 2014, below are 10 of the most read and most discussed articles on opioid safety (order is by publication date).

As you read through these articles, please ask yourself – has a new standard of care been established requiring continuous electronic monitoring by hospitals of all patients receiving opioids? Read More

Opioid Safety, Respiratory Compromise

Identifying Patients at Risk for Postsurgical Opioid-Related Adverse Events

By Laura Menditto, MPH, MBA (Independent Health Outcomes Research Consultant, Laura A Menditto LLC )

What if there existed a way for perioperative nurses to identify patients at high risk of experiencing opioid-related adverse events (ORADEs)? Could hospitals evaluate the potential benefits of targeting high-risk patients for strategies aimed at reducing ORADEs? Could nurses and doctors use the scoring model to predict—and avoid—ORADEs in future patients? Read More