Respiratory Compromise

8 Surprising Facts From a 7 Day Cohort Study: Mortality After Surgery

By Sean Power
October 16, 2014

A recent article in The Lancet published findings that suggest mortality after non-cardiac surgery in Europe may be higher than expected.

Dr. Rupert Pearse and a team of researchers conducted the European Surgical Outcomes Study (EuSOS)—a study that spanned 28 European countries and included 498 hospitals—in an attempt to describe mortality after non cardiac surgery at a national and international level. Read More

Blood Clots, Must Reads

Weekly Must Reads in Patient Safety (Sep 12, 2014)

News about the death of comedian John Rivers has dominated much of the healthcare news coverage. As with any celebrity incident, like this one, where there are still many questions the answers to which are not known or have not yet been made public, there has been a lot of speculation and conjecture, which may make it difficult to separate the sensationalist articles from the truly useful ones. So we offer a couple of articles that not only may help to shed light on what happened, but also offer good medical discussion and insight. Read More