Alarm Fatigue Articles Around the Web

by Sean Power

The Joint Commission’s Sentinel Event Alert 50 earlier this month on alarm fatigue has generated attention from news outlets ranging from international giants like Bloomberg Businessweek to niche healthcare publications like Medical News Today.

Below we have collected some of the coverage on the topic.

Hospitals Must Address ‘Alarm Fatigue,’ Joint Commission Says

InformationWeek Healthcare

The article highlights key facts from the Alert and contains comments from an interview with Paul Schyve, MD, senior advisor for healthcare improvement at the Joint Commission.

Hospital group says ‘alarm fatigue’ can be deadly

Bloomberg Businessweek

Focusing on deaths and injuries related to alarm fatigue, the article communicates the scope of the problem. It contains comments from Dr. Ana McKee, The Joint Commission’s executive vice president and chief medical officer.

ALARM FATIGUE: Study finds doctors, nurses overwhelmed by noise, KMSP-TV, Minneapolis-St. Paul

The regional news outlet illuminates some of the psychological processes behind alarm fatigue in its interview with Linda Hamilton, a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital.

Hospital Staff’s “Alarm Fatigue” Causes 560 Deaths Per Year

Science World Report

Putting the Alert into context, the article cites facts from reports by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) who has indicated that there have been over 560 deaths related to alarms.

Alarm Fatigue Is Putting Patients’ Lives At Risk

Medical News Today

The article highlights block quotes from the Alert and provides its own context around each discussion point.

Hospitals warned of alarm fatigue

The Boston Globe

The Boston Globe article discusses the Alert alongside its own investigation in 2011 that identified at least 216 deaths nationwide from January 2005 to June 2010 linked to alarms on patient monitors.

The Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety has discussed alarm fatigue in a number of articles. We encourage you to take a look through our archive on the topic in light of the recent Sentinel Event Alert.

What are your thoughts on alarm fatigue?

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