Patient Safety Weekly Must Reads (January 7, 2017)

Happy New Year!

With the holidays winding down, it has been a quieter week in #patientsafety. Nothing from PPAHS this week as we get back into the swing of things. From around the web, we’ve got two articles about patient safety in Canada, plus a look at opioid-related inpatient stays and emergency department visits by state.


Nothing this week!

From Around the Web:

1 in 18 patients experiences harm in Canadian hospitals. Good for benchmarking the USA against comparators.

How a little-known patent sparked Canada’s opioid crisis. An investigative piece about the opioid crisis in Canada.

Opioid-Related Inpatient Stays and Emergency Department Visits by State, 2009-2014. This HCUP Statistical Brief presents data from HCUP Fast Stats on the national rate of opioid-related hospital inpatient stays and emergency department (ED) visits from 2005 to 2014.

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