Give a Squat 4 Pain

Editor’s note – the following infographic “Give a Squat 4 Pain” was submitted by the American Chronic Pain Association.

The American Chronic Pain Association asks people to “not just sit there” and “Give a Squat 4 Pain” in honor this month of Pain Awareness Month:

Some chronic pain facts, according to the American Chronic Pain Association:

  • Chronic pain is an invisible epidemic that affects people of all ages and backgrounds
  • 100 million people in the U.S. live with chronic pain
  • Many people conceal their pain because of stigma or shame
  • The personal, societal, and financial costs of chronic pain are enormous

Michael Wong, JD, (Founder and Executive Director, Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety) reminds people that although opioids are accountable for the deaths of 91 Americans die each day, the prescribing of opioids should be balanced and recognize that they may be appropriate for some patients.

In advocating for a balanced approach to opioid prescribing, Mr Wong reminds clinicians that they should ensure that all their patients receiving opioids should be monitored to ensure their safety and prevent opioid-induced respiratory adverse events and death. For further details on why all patients receiving opioids should be monitored, please click here.

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