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6 Reasons Why Surgeons Don’t Act Safely

Dr. Mark Davis, a gynecologic surgeon and operating room safety consultant, shares his insights on improving safety in the operating room and preventing sharps injuries.

By Mark Davis M.D. (author “Irresponsible: What Surgeons Won’t Tell You and How to Protect Yourself”)

I firmly believe that all surgeons want to protect their patients, and that no surgeon would want to injure their teammates or themselves. There are a variety of effective strategies for preventing sharps injuries. These include the use of safety sharps devices, safe techniques for handling and passing sharp instruments, effective and respectful communication among members of the surgical team, and safety checklists. It would be reasonable to expect that all surgeons would want to use them but the reality is, many do not. So, given that the majority of surgical sharps injuries can be prevented, why don’t all surgeons follow these simple precautions? Read More