Opioid Safety, Respiratory Compromise

Prince and the Opioid Epidemic: 5 Ways for Addressing this National Crisis

Prince was not the first, nor unfortunately the last, person to die due to an opioid-related event. According to the medical examiner, Prince died from a self-administered fentanyl overdose.

While Prince may have become the poster child for the opioid epidemic and a call for restrictions on the use of opioids, it must not be forgotten that opioids play a vital role in the management of pain, such as during surgery or to relieve chronic pain. Read More

Prince - source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_(musician)
Opioid Safety, Respiratory Compromise

Prince’s Fentanyl Overdose Should Prompt Us to Ask “Where Does Opioid Use Begin?”

One of the great musicians of our age is dead – fentanyl is to blame – Prince’s could have been from preventable … these are the sentiments that are enough for public outrage to point to fentanyl as the ultimate killer and call for tighter, more stringent control of opioids and their prescription.

Forgotten in this discussion which brings together Prince, fentanyl, and death and the subsequent knee-jerk reaction to restrict the use of opioids is the vital role that opioids play in the management of pain, such as during surgery or to relieve chronic pain. The use of opioids often begins in the doctor’s office or as a result of a medical procedure. Read More

Opioid Safety, Respiratory Compromise

Did an Opioid Overdose Kill Prince?

As the world of music mourns the passing of Prince, the media’s attention has shifted to speculation around the true cause of the Purple Prince’s death.  Official channels from the pop singer’s side have cited complications due to the flu; TMZ tells a different story – one that implicates opioid-related overdose as a cause.  This is not a cliched story of superstar overuse for recreation.  Rather, the Percocet in Prince’s possession has been reported to have been prescribed to treat hip pain.

While the truth will be revealed with formal autopsy, the dangers of opioid-related adverse effects are not limited to overdoses on private jets.  There are real risks for real people. Read More