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Nine Technological Solutions to Manage Alarm Fatigue

By Maria Cvach, DNP, RN, CCRN, and Michael Wong, JD

(This article first published in 24×7 Magazine on March 2, 2014. John Bethune, their editor-in-chief, also did an editorial (see page 8 in their February edition) on the nine technological solutions: http://24×7.alliedmedia360.com)

Patient monitors represent the good and the bad consequences of modern medical technology. The good results come when medical device alarms alert caregivers to clinical deterioration of their patients, allowing them to intervene. The bad ones happen when alarms sound too often, or for a nonactionable issue, and caregivers become desensitized or immune to the audible alarm sounds altogether.

In its “Sentinel Event Alert” number 50, headlined “Medical Device Alarm Safety in Hospitals,” The Joint Commission explained this dichotomy as follows: Continue reading “Nine Technological Solutions to Manage Alarm Fatigue”

Three Tips For Decreasing Alarm Fatigue

Editor’s note – This article, “Three Tips For Decreasing Alarm Fatigue” is reprinted with the permission of Internal Medicine News and Hospitalist News, which publishes “news and views that matter to physicians”.

by Michael Wong, JD (Founder and Executive Director, Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety)

When patient monitor alarms sound too many times, this can discourage using the very monitors that are intended to keep patients safe and inform clinicians of a patient’s physiological state. However, research shows that using “smart alarm” technology and getting smart about alarm monitors can reduce clinically insignificant alarms. Continue reading “Three Tips For Decreasing Alarm Fatigue”