Senior Health & Fitness: 7 Tips For Successful Aging

Senior Health & Fitness: 7 Tips For Successful Aging

By Stella Lincoln (Health & Fitness Specialist,

Getting older doesn’t mean you have a poor medical condition, but knowing what’s normal for your body as you age is crucial. The more you are healthy, active, or fit, the better you will feel in the future.

Exercise is an essential key to successful aging. Many studies have proved that routine exercise has many benefits, and it becomes more important as we age. The advantages of physical activity and exercise help to reduce the impact of heart disease, hypertension, muscle weakness, high cholesterol, depression, and stroke.

Individuals should perform 30 minutes of exercise daily. Doing complete body exercise maximizes heart rate and enhances mood and sleep quality. According to the survey conducted in the United States, the health status of adults aged 65 or older, indicated around 38 percent responded have some disability.

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Why Is It Important For Older Adults To Exercise?   

Knowing what physical and mental changes occur with age is imperative, as it is the first and foremost step in maintaining health care. Physical exercise is a great way to gain substantial health benefits and maintain Independence. Try to make exercise a priority. Exercise can extend the life cycle and increase mobility and balance, which reduces the risk of falling.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your health and lessen the negative aspects of aging.

1. Building A Balanced Exercise Plan

Getting active is not enough. Just remember to add a mixture of physical activities that help to work out with interest and improve your overall health. It is pivotal to find activities that bring enough capabilities to your well-being.

a. Water Aerobics
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In the past, it was considered an important exercise for seniors. It benefits those with arthritis or joint pain because water lessens the stress on the joints. Moreover, the buoyancy of water brings natural resistance, which improves the overall strength, flexibility, and balance of your body.

b. Chair Yoga
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Chair yoga has a significant impact on overall health. It is the accessible form of yoga that improves muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. Additionally, it has been proved that chair yoga brings mental health, such as reducing depression or anxiety.  

2. Follow A Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

Getting nutritious food can significantly impact your energy, fitness, and mood. A healthy diet reduces the risk of heart disease, vascular (blood vessel) disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, high blood cholesterol, strokes, memory deficit, osteoporosis, and skin diseases.

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Following an eating plan like the Mediterranean diet emphasizes the intake of protein-rich food instead of relying on red meat, snack nuts, or junk food, which help you to promote well-being.

3. Make Exercise A Social Activity

Make an effort to find a workout partner that keeps you liable and adds some fun to daily life. A partner can provide a healthy talk during competition and keep you entertained, such as doing some dancing (salsa, tango) activities.

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If you are looking for an active social partner, co-workers and family members are potential workout partners. Use their company by organizing some team sports or some outdoor activities. Research concluded that participants who have reported social activity are more likely to have positive moods, fewer negative feelings, and a higher level of physical fitness.

4. Listen To Your Body

A tough workout may hurt you or make you feel lousy. Stop that particular exercise immediately, which makes your muscle a little sore. However, keep in mind that regular training will never hurt.

If you notice any change like dizziness, chest pain, or break out in a cold sweat, switch out your routine, cut the exercise, or consider breaking down a longer workout into a regular daily routine, which is the best way to cope with injuries and falls.

5. Make Brain Exercise To Boost Memory

You can’t get rid of getting older, and the fact is you have to be. As we grow older, our body needs physical exercise to stay healthy. Practicing the proactive steps of mental activity preserve all kind of brain cell and can even generate new ones.

Keeping the brain active can be done in various ways, such as memory games, exciting puzzles, or traditional card games. For example, Sudoku is a great way to revive an adult’s mind, as they are popular games that encourage the use of every part of the brain.

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6. Get The Sleep That Your Body Needs

Unhealthy sleep is always frustrating at any age. National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. As you age, your sleep routine changes. Sleeping earlier and getting up earlier is not unusual, but if you’re an older adult, there are many ways to relieve yourself from chronic or acute insomnia problems.

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Many people who are frustrated with sleep will turn to the intake of sleeping pills. While this may temporarily offer some relief, it mainly fosters the adverse effects. The best way is to keep doing some physical activities. You will get tired at the end of the day and ultimately fall asleep.

7. Find Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Day

There are many ways to stay fit into your everyday life. Try exercising every 20 minutes daily once you get used to it, then add ten more minutes to your physical exercise until you reach the goal. Take easy ways to add physical activity to your daily life.

  • Take the stairs instead of using the elevator.
  • Get into a chat with your co-workers during lunch break, or take a walk instead of sending them an email.
  • Park your car a little farther to enjoy some walking.
  • Have a pet and go on a morning walk.
  • Make love with plants and involve yourself in gardening.

These are some simple ways to keep yourself physically engaged without disturbing your routine.


Exercise is the best way to improve the quality of your life by making it a part of your daily life, especially for seniors. To attain successful aging, you should involve yourself in some sort of workout for at least 20 minutes a day.

Physical activities are the best way to eliminate the risk of falls, diseases, and injuries by increasing cognitive abilities and improving mental health and well-being. Considering the above tips will surely boost your overall health and help you with successful aging.

Stella LincolnStella Lincoln is currently working as a Health & Fitness Specialist at She is a fitness freak and practices yoga on a regular basis. Stella loves to share her knowledge and expertise with the readers. She often blogs at Educator House.


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  1. Especially in senior years, exercise is important to maintain good health and keep the mind sharp. There are many easy exercises you may perform at home, and you can even encouage your family or friends to join you.

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