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Women Twice as Likely to Die in Childbirth in US Than Canada

By Sean Power

An article by The Globe and Mail highlights a World Health Organization (WHO) report showing that the United States is falling behind Canada when it comes to maternal mortality.

According to the WHO report, the US average declined to 14 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in 2015; Canada’s figure sits at 7, where it was in 1990.

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Weekly Must Reads in Patient Safety (Oct 10, 2014)

Unnecessary – that’s the word that best summarizes this week’s reads – unnecessary readmissions and unnecessary surgery.

And, then to round out “unnecessary”, new data recently published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine suggests unnecessary risk. Read More

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Amber Scott’s story spotlights the risk of blood clots for new and expectant mothers

By Briggs Adams

(This article first posted on TheDoctorWeighsIn.)

More than six weeks after giving birth, Amber Rabalais Scott held her daughter Adeline Elizabeth in her arms for the first time – a milestone that the family and many friends of the 30-year-old Slidell, La., woman won’t ever forget. Read More

Blood Clots

Preventing Death Following Cesarean Delivery

A recent study of almost 400,000 pregnancies reveals risk factors for blood clots in pregnant and postnatal woman. In the study published in the American Society of Hematology journal Blood, researchers analyzed the pregnancies of women aged between 15 and 44 between January 1995 and July 2009. Read More