Opioid Safety, Respiratory Compromise

Respiratory Therapists Are Integral to Reducing Opioid-Related Adverse Events

Harold Oglesby - Celebrating 10 Years's Event Free

In a recent interview with Harold Oglesby, RRT, Manager, The Center for Pulmonary Health, Candler Hospital, St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System (SJ/C), our discussion focused on the success factors that contributed to SJ/C’s 12 years free from opioid-related adverse events.

During the interview, Mr. Oglesby highlighted five key learnings from his experiences in implementing and continuously improving SJ/C’s QI initiative.  One of these learnings was the importance of involving Respiratory Therapists (RT) throughout the process. Read More

Opioid Safety, Respiratory Compromise

What are the Financial Rewards for Real-Time Patient Monitoring?

There have been many studies showing the cost savings of real-time patient monitoring:

  • St Joseph/Candler HospitalsJoseph’s/Candler Hospitals (SJ/C) reduced opioid-related events with patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps. The hospitals have been “error-free” for more than 10 years since using “smart” PCA pumps with integrated capnography. Although a human life should never be measures in dollars and cents, SJ/C calculated that their decision made great financial sense: SJ/C estimated a 5-year return on investment (ROI) of $2.5 million and that they saves an estimated $4 million in potential expenses averted (not including potential litigation costs).
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